Answers to frequently asked questions:

We know how intimidating it can be to visit a new church for the first time. Will they make me stand up and say something? Will they expect me to give an offering? What do they offer for children? Here at CrossPointe our goal is to make you feel as welcome as possible. We hope that by reading the topics below it will help answer any questions you may have before you come to visit.


Are all the services the same?

Each Sunday we offer two  different service times at 8:00 and 10:30 am. The first service is more traditional in nature. The music is a blend of hymns and praise choruses. The music at this service tends to be slower and quieter than our other two services. Each week we also offer a time of offering, a practical message and an opportunity to take communion.
The second service has all the same elements as the first service except the music is more contemporary. At this service we have a full praise team with guitars, drums, keyboards and other instruments. We also offer a time of offering, a message and communion. At all the services our guests are not expected to participate in the offering or communion unless they choose to do so.


What’s the dress code?

People who attend church at CrossPointe come dressed in whatever they feel comfortable wearing. On any given Sunday you may see someone in a suit next to someone wearing jeans and a t-shirt. The bottom line is there is no dress code at CrossPointe. We’re more concerned about sharing the love of Christ with people than wondering what type of clothes they come in.

What about my children?

Children are one of our core values here at CrossPointe. We love kids! We offer nursery at our 10:30am service each week. In addition, our KidsPointe ministry offers a separate worship time for children ages preschool – fifth grade during our 10:30am service. If you have any questions regarding times or what exactly we teach during our children worship services please call the office at (219) 464-3350. Or email
Middle and high school students study various topics each week in our youth room. Middle School (6-8 grade) and High School (9-12 grade) students gather during the 10:30am service. There is no class for middle or high school students during the 8:00 service.  If you have any questions regarding times or what exactly we teach during our youth services please call the office at  (219) 464-3350. You can also email
All of our weekly volunteers who serve in the Children’s and Teen areas of CrossPointe have received prior training and successfully passed national background checks. 

Is it okay to bring something to drink?

We have no problem with people bringing along something to drink during the worship services. In fact, we encourage it! As you enter our lobby you will notice that we have a wide range of regular, decaf and flavored coffees for you to choose from. All drinks are free including water bottles. So, you can bring your own or feel free to try one of our delicious coffee flavors this Sunday!